​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brampton residents play a critical role in improving Brampton’s energy efficiency and reducing overall GHG emissions. Transportation accounts for 60% of Brampton's GHG emissions and energy costs and homes and building account for around 20%. Many of the changes needed to meet our Community Energy and Emission Reduction Goals rely on the everyday decisions made by residents. To achieve success, changes in our daily habits and everyday decisions needs to be championed and implemented.​


CEERP Benefits to Residents

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Lower Energy Costs

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Protecting Your Family's Future

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Cleaner Air

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Better Homes and Communities

How Can I Help?

Transportation: Change your transportation habits: walk, cycle, transit or carpool to work and for daily errands.

  • Invest in fuel efficient, low carbon or electric vehicles



Energy Rebates, Financing and Opportunities

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