​​​​​​​​​Institutions and community organizations within the GTA offer partnership opportunities and vital information to assist Brampton in achieving its CEERP objectives and targets. Transportation accounts for 60% of Brampton's GHG emissions and energy costs, and homes and buildings accounts for about 20%. Community organizations can help by assisting in communicating to individuals, families, and businesses on the importance of the CEERP and educating them on the actions they can take towards helping achieve our CEERP goals.​​​​​


CEERP Benefits to ​Non Profits and Institutions

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Improve Social Equity

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Fight Climate Change

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Increase Community and Economic Resiliency

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Better Communities

How Can You Help?

  • Help educate the public and community on the benefits of reducing carbon emissions, mitigate climate change and increase energy efficiency, and the CEERP goals and targets
  • Provide tips that that the public can take to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Organize local events and movements related to actions individuals or businesses can take
  • Build local conversation on local climate change impacts and solutions through workshops, community seminars, social media, publishing in local news articles and outlets, and coverage by local celebrities
  • Select a CEERP target(s) to advocate and work towards
  • Show your support of CEERP related actions at City Council
  • Find projects to fund or opportunities to apply for funding for energy and climate related projects
  • Collaborate with other organizations or businesses to help achieve one of the CEERP actions and targets
  • Support and encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint


Energy Rebates, Financing and Opportunities

Interested in collaborating on energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects within Brampton? Contact growgreen@brampton.ca.

Additional Resources

Energy Resources

  • NRCAN - Energy Star
  • Tips and Tricks for Smart Business (coming soon)
  • CEERP resources and handouts