​​​​​Eastbourne Park Channel Restoration

The Peel Channel Remediation Program has identified the removal of the concrete channel along Mimico Creek flowing through the Fallingdale, Earnscliffe and Eastbourne Parks, as a priority.

Following the success of the Jefferson, Jordan and ​Jay​field Channel Restoration and Eco Park Project​, ​the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) will be restoring the concrete channel in Eastbourne Park. As part of the restoration, the concrete lining will be removed, a more natural creek morphology restored and the creek and banks re-naturalized.

This project will improve the water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, stabilize the creek, mitigate local flood damage and reduce maintenance costs.

In conjunction with the scheduled channel works, the City of Brampton is investigating opportunities to incorporate additional Eco Park amenities through the Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP)​. This will provide harmonious benefits for both residents and nature by making the Brampton Eco Park Strategy’s vision of - interweaving and embedding the natural environment into the fabric of the City’s urban systems and landscapes, a reality.​

Key Park Revitalization Features

  • Channel Revitalization
  • Tree Planting
  • Revitalized playground
  • Seating
  • Potential Eco Park Amenities (e.g. play node, tiny forest, outdoor classroom)

Project Benefits

  • Improves natural habitat cover for wildlife
  • Passive recreation
  • Mitigates flood damage costs
  • Controls pests and disease
  • Promotes pollination
  • Air filtration
  • Temperature mitigation
  • Educational opportunities
  • Promotes health and well-being

​Engaging the Community

On October 26th 2022, there was an open house at Earnscliffe Recreation Centre on the Eastbourne Park Channel Restoration and Eco Park Project. A presentation was provided on the channel restoration and on the proposed work for the park, in addition to Eco Park Project boards with opportunities for input.

Presentation slides and boards from the Open House is provided below.

Presentation Slides:

Contact Details:

Pam Cooper
Environmental Planning
City of Brampton