Many businesses have taken actions to reduce their energy consumption and GHG emissions for a variety of reasons, (e.g. consumer interest, high and volatile energy prices, and brand image/public relations). Some of the biggest opportunities to be realized in this energy transition is in Brampton's business sector. Achieving Brampton’s Community Energy and Emission Reduction Goals and opportunities will be a collective effort from all sectors.

Information for the Industrial Sector can be found here.


CEERP Benefits to Businesses

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Lower Energy Costs and Expenses

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Attract Talent, Investment and Customers

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Increase Community and Economic Resiliency

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Mo​​re Competitive Produ​cts and Services

How Can I Help?

  • Work with suppliers to reduced embedded emissions in products
  • Adopt circular economy business models
  • Build Net Zero buildings and increase energy efficiency in buildings through energy retrofits
  • Use energy efficiency appliances and electronics such as Energy Star certified products
  • Install smart systems into buildings
  • Use and offer reusable or low emission products, materials, and services to customers
  • Educate consumers on how they can reduce their carbon footprint through product labelling and tips
  • Provide internal programs that encourage employees to adopt energy and carbon reducing practices such as access to bike racks and showers, carpooling incentives, subsidizing transit costs, and turning off office lights
  • Share best practices and successes with other businesses
  • Join Partners in Project Green


Energy Rebates, Financing and Opportunities

Interested in collaborating on energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects within Brampton? Contact growgreen@brampton.ca.

Additional Resources

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