​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brampton’s industrial sector is Brampton’s third largest consumer of energy and contributor to emissions. The Industrial sector consumes 21% of total source energy and contributes 13% to Brampton's total emissions.

The Industrial sector already has significant expertise in the realm of energy efficiency and emissions reduction.

Industries are continuously improving their energy efficiency to stay competitive and minimize their operating costs, and have a long history of reducing emissions to meet local air quality standards. When industries improve energy efficiency, they are saving money as well as emissions.

CEERP Benefits t​o the Industrial Sector

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Lower Energy Costs and Expenses

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Attract Talent

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Increase Resiliency

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Managing Long and Short Term Risk

How Can You Help?

  • Share energy and water management expertise with other sectors and the community.
  • Consider the adoption of energy recovery techniques such as heat, power, and fuel recovery.
  • Inquire with the City about cogeneration and district energy.
  • Consider use of new technologies which increases competitiveness while reducing GHG emissions and improving energy efficiency, such as large batteries and smart technologies.


Energy Rebates, Financing and Opportunities

Interested in collaborating on energy efficiency and emissions reduction projects within Brampton? Contact growgreen@brampton.ca.

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