Brampton Senior Residents Ride for Free

All residents of Brampton 65 years of age and older ride Brampton Transit for Free!

Eligible residents will require a Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card and a PRESTO card loaded with a free annual pass. 

Seniors can visit the Bramalea Terminal, Clark Facility and Sandalwood Facility to obtain/renew their Senior Identification Card. Seniors can also apply to obtain/renew their Senior Identification Card online by completing the appropriate application below. To load the free annual pass on PRESTO seniors can visit any Brampton Transit terminal or facility. For more information seniors can call 905-874-5120.

Riding the bus has never been so simple...and affordable!
Step 1: Get your valid Brampton Transit Senior Identification Card 
Step 2: Get your PRESTO card loaded with the free annual pass
Step 3: Hop on the bus and ride!

Please note: Brampton Transit will no longer sell the $15 senior resident monthly pass or offer the $1 senior resident cash fare. All non-resident seniors can continue to use their PRESTO cards and pay the senior e-purse fare of $1.75 or the current Adult cash fare.

Staff who handle personal information must be aware of, and comply with, legislated requirements and established best practices related to privacy protection. For more information, please visit
​​​​​Senior Cards are available online by completing the application below:​​​​​​

Apply for a Senior ID Card

​Click on the button below to apply for your Brampton Transit senior identification card. Please review the questions below for eligibility and requirements prior to applying.


Renew Your Senior ID Card

​​Click on the button below to renew your current Brampton Transit senior identification card.


About the Senior Identification Card