Transfers and Connecting Transit

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As you pay your cash fare, request a transfer from the Operator and you will be entitled to unlimited travel for the duration of the transfer. Transfers expire two hours from the time of issue.

Show the transfer to the bus operator each time you board a bus to verify that it is valid. Expired transfers will not be accepted or reissued. Passengers are required to pay the regular fare once their transfer is expired. In the event of a fare dispute, passengers are asked to pay the correct fare and contact Customer Service at 905.874.2999. Keep the disputed transfer and record the four-digit bus number, date, and time of the occurrence.

Important: Transfers are only valid for use by the customer to whom the transfer was issued.

When using PRESTO or a contactless credit card, the transfer is automatically stored on your card, allowing you to travel for two hours from the time of issue. If you are connecting to or from GO Transit, the co-fare is automatically calculated on a PRESTO card.

Transfer Policy

  • Brampton Transit will accept transfers from the following Transit Agencies at any location, only if there is time remaining on the transfer:
    • MiWay
    • YRT/VIVA
    • Oakville Transit
    • Burlington Transit
    • Milton Transit
    • Hamilton Street Railway
    • Durham Region Transit
  • TTC – Zone 3 punched transfer ONLY
  • Brampton Transit will not reissue transfers
  • Brampton Transit will not accept paper period passes (weekly or monthly) from other Transit Agencies, except from YRT/VIVA, in York Region on Queen Street/Highway 7 (east of The Gore Road)
  • For customers with a valid PRESTO pass from another Transit Agency (e.g., YRT/VIVA): 
    - If you have tapped on that Transit Agency’s PRESTO device prior to riding a Brampton Transit bus, the remaining time on your PRESTO transfer will be used to complete your journey
    - If the PRESTO transfer time has expired, a valid Brampton Transit PRESTO Pass, or card balance is required to complete your journey Brampton Transit
  • Brampton Transit transfers are valid for two hours from the time of issue
  • Paper transfers will not be issued to PRESTO card holders or payments made with a contactless credit card
  • There are no changes to the GO Transit co-fare policy. Passengers travelling between Brampton Transit and a GO Transit Train station are still eligible for the $0 GO co-fare. See below for details.

Connecting Transit

Brampton Transit connects to the following transit agencies:

GO Transit

Visit the GO Transit website

Brampton Transit riders travelling to and from a GO Train station pay only $0 when presenting a valid Proof of Payment (POP) ticket or a PRESTO card. PRESTO card holders are also eligible to transfer from Brampton Transit to GO
Transit bus service. Some conditions apply:

  • GO day passes will only be accepted when they are from the current date.
  • GO single-ride tickets will only be accepted when travelling from a GO Train Station. Tickets must have the current date and time cancellation from the connecting GO Train or Bus trip.
  • The co-fare will automatically be calculated on a PRESTO card. 

Eligible GO Train stations and services:

  • Mount Pleasant GO Station (ZONE 34)
  • Downtown Brampton GO Station (ZONE 33)
  • Bramalea GO Station – Steeles & Bramalea (ZONE 32)
  • Malton GO Station (ZONE 31)
  • Lisgar GO Station (ZONE 23)
  • GO York University Hwy 407 bus service - only at Bramalea GO Station

When you board a Brampton Transit bus and present the Bus Operator with a valid GO ticket or day pass, you'll be eligible to receive a transfer.

GO Transit Group Passes and GO Transit Photo ID Employee Passes will not be accepted.

For more information, please refer to the transfer policy details above.

Milton Transit

  • PRESTO using customers boarding Milton Transit may ride by showing their valid PRESTO card and verbally declaring the transfer from Brampton Transit. 
    • ​​​Customers will be provided with a paper Milton Transit Transfer. 
  • Cash-paying customers boarding Milton Transit must show a printed transfer ticket as their valid fare.
    • ​The transfer shall be honoured on Milton Transit for the duration of the transfer window.
  • Brampton Transit will accept valid Milton Transit paper transfers
Connect with Milton Transit at the following locations: 
  • Winston Churchill - Züm Steeles Station Stop Westbound #3693
  • ​Lisgar GO Station

York Region Transit (YRT)

Visit the York Region Transit website

501/501A Züm Queen & Viva orange

  • YRT mobile tickets (purchased through the YRT Pay or Transit apps)​ and transfers are accepted on 501/501A Züm Queen for customers boarding between The Gore Road and York University
  • Valid Brampton Transit paper or PRESTO transfers are accepted as proof of payment on Viva orange
  • Customers boarding 501/501A Züm Queen must present their paper transfers to the operator or tap their PRESTO card at the time of boarding
  • For customers boarding Viva orange, paper transfers should be kept as proof of payment (to show to Enforcement Officers if/when required)​
  • Current YRT cash fare is applicable when boarding Brampton Transit in York Region, east of Highway 50
  • Current Brampton Transit fare is applicable when boarding in the City of Brampton, west of Highway 50
  • Customers using a PRESTO card may tap it on the fare payment device. Applicable fare or transfers are automatically calculated by the device.

Brampton Transit customers connecting to other YRT and Viva Services

  • Brampton Transit paper transfers should be kept as proof of payment when boarding a Viva bus
  • Customers using a PRESTO card may tap it on the fare payment device. Applicable fare or transfers are automatically calculated by the device

For information on YRT services, visit

YRT customers transferring to other Brampton Transit Services

  • All valid YRT fare media including mobile tickets (purchased through the YRT Pay or Transit apps) and paper transfers are accepted as fare ONLY at connection points from The Gore Road to Interchange Way, and at York University
  • Customers wishing to travel within Brampton must present their valid YRT paper transfer to the operator upon boarding
  • Customers using a PRESTO card may tap it on the fare payment device. Applicable fare or transfers are automatically calculated by the device

For more information, please refer to the transfer policy details above.​​​​​​​​​​