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Brampton City Council approves 2022 Budget with fourth consecutive tax freeze and record commitment to healthcare expansion in Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON (December 8, 2021) – Brampton City Council unanimously approved the City of Brampton’s 2022 Budget at its Special Council Meeting today.

Over this term, Brampton City Council kept financial sustainability top of mind, working collectively to achieve value for residents and businesses while maintaining service excellence. As the final Budget of its Term, this is the fourth consecutive year that this Council will deliver a 0% property tax increase to fund the City’s Budget, while maintaining a record contribution of $117M to reserves and showing its commitment to healthcare expansion by designating $62.5M of funding for the new Peel Memorial Hospital. 

Alongside the fourth consecutive tax freeze, the 2022 Budget supports Term of Council priorities, and is centred on financial sustainability, growth opportunities and resiliency as the City continues to navigate and move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.

More information on the City’s 2022 Budget can be found online here.

By the numbers
• The approved 2022 Budget will result in a 0% property tax freeze on the City’s portion of the tax bill.
• The total 2022 Budget is $1.1B, consisting of a $780M Operating budget (maintenance, utilities, reserves, staff salaries) and a $341M Capital budget (purchase, major repair and replacement of assets: roads, buildings, etc.).
• The City’s Budget maintains the largest-ever annual contribution of $117M to City reserves, strengthening its financial position and preparing for future contingencies and emergencies, and supporting infrastructure and transit.

• $65.2M for new construction of recreational facilities, including a youth hub and Sports Hall of Fame
• $4.7M for new or enhanced neighbourhood parks, upgraded pathways, sports fields, playgrounds, and trails
• $9.1M over three years for boosting education, employment, and business growth opportunities in downtown Brampton; $13.4M for downtown Brampton revitalization initiatives; and $20M to prepare for the construction of the Centre for Innovation
• $19M for new buses; majority of which will be electric;  $17M for Züm service expansion on Chinguacousy Road corridor ($3.3M in 2022)
• $22.6M for roads resurfacing, reconstruction and other improvements
• $100M over three years for Riverwalk project ($9.3M in 2022) for flood mitigation and unlocking of economic potential in surrounding area, including downtown
• Internship and Co-op programs for Black and Indigenous youth; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan for Brampton Library
• Eight new Automated Speed Enforcement cameras for safer roads

Shaped by the community

The City invited the public to provide their input on the 2022 Budget, including by email, phone, and tele town halls that engaged:
• 50 businesses through dedicated Business Town Hall
• 5900 residents through Public Tele Town Hall
• 280 responses through social media polling
• Nine delegations
• Two presentations from local boards including the Downtown Brampton BIA and Brampton Library

The City also heard from many residents, organizations and stakeholders that presented to the Budget Committee in November.


“For this Term of Council’s final budget, we unanimously support and deliver Brampton’s fourth consecutive tax freeze and maintain a record contribution to reserves, with financial sustainability and growth for our city at top of mind. We also reaffirm our commitment to addressing Brampton’s healthcare emergency, designating $62.5M of funding for the new Peel Memorial Hospital. The 2022 Budget will support the community as we continue to navigate and move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, and set the City up for continued success in providing excellent quality of life and service for all of Brampton.”
- Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton; Chair, Budget Committee

“We were committed to engaging the people of Brampton throughout the 2022 Budget process, and they made their voices heard – Bramptonians want service levels maintained, while keeping tax bills affordable. The City engaged more than 50 businesses and 5,900 residents at Tele Town Halls, and 280 responses through social media polls. The City’s 2022 Budget reflects their opinions, and will allow the City to deliver value for citizens while shaping the future of Brampton as a healthy, diverse, innovative and vibrant community.”
- Paul Vicente, Regional Councillor, Wards 1&5; Vice-Chair, Budget Committee

“With a focus on economic resilience and sustainable investments, the 2022 Budget will move the City forward as we emerge from the pandemic and help shape the future of our growing community. This Budget aligns with Term of Council Priorities and will allow us to continue to create opportunities, maintain the City facilities, public spaces, programs and services that contribute to our residents’ quality of life.”
- David Barrick, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Brampton


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