Attend public meetings, participate or join a committee

As part of being an open and accessible government, the City of Brampton encourages public participation in its decision-making process.  Help us make important decisions. We welcome your comments, ideas and participation. 

Here are a few ways to become involved in City matters.

Attend public meetings 

The Mayor, Councillors or City staff may host public meetings to share information about a topic of particular interest to the community and to obtain public comments.    Public meetings and informal information sessions are also part of the development application review process.

Attend decision-making meetings of Council & Committee

Council and its committee meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Citizen Appointments to Serve our City

​​The City has a number of committees, tribunals and appointments that require citizen leadership, participation and expertise.

From time to time, the City may be seeking applications to appoint citizen members to various committees for the
2022-2026 term of Council.  


Frequently Asked Questions