Planning and Development Committee


Standing committees are comprised of the Members of Council, except the Mayor who shall be an ex-officio Member of such committees.


Term of Office:       

Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2026, or until successors are appointed


Established by:     

Procedure By-law 160-2004, as amended



Twice monthly, starting at 7:00 pm, as approved by Council in the annual schedule of meetings, and in accordance with the Procedure By-law


Reports to:              

 City Council


Supported by:        

City Clerk’s Office


Committee Structure/Responsibilities:

The Standing Committee shall consider and make recommendations to Council

for the following matters:


  • ​m​​atters including land use planning, growth management, urban design and operational matters within the jurisdiction of the Chief Building Official
  • holding of public meetings required by the Planning Act, which shall be conducted in accordance with the rules under the Procedure By-law
  • infrastructure matters within the jurisdiction of the City's Planning, Building and Growth Management Department


At the commencement of each public meeting, the Chair shall explain the intent of the meeting is to hear the views of the public, and that the members shall not enter into discussion or debate on the subject.


The Planning & Development Committee will include the following Chair and Vice-Chair positions:


  • Chair – Planning & Development (Councillor Palleschi)
  • ​Vice-Chair – Planning & Development (Councillor Singh)