1. ​No Member shall disclose or release by any means to any member of the public, any confidential information acquired by virtue of their office, in either oral or written form, except when required by law or authorized by Council to do so.
  2. No Member shall use confidential information for personal or private gain, or for the gain of relatives or any person or corporation.
  3. No Member shall directly or indirectly benefit, or aid others to benefit, from knowledge respecting bidding on the sale of City property or assets.
  4. No Member shall disclose the content of any such matter, or the substance of deliberations, of the in-camera meeting until the Council or committee discusses the information at a meeting that is open to the public or releases the information to the public.
  5. No Member shall permit any persons other than those who are entitled thereto to have access to information that is confidential.
  6. No Member shall access or attempt to gain access to confidential information in the custody of the City unless it is necessary for the performance of their duties and not prohibited by Council policy.