Governance and Council Operations Committee

Composition:          Minimum of four Members of Council, except the Mayor who shall be an ex-officio Member of such committee


Term of Office:        Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2022, or until successors are appointed


Established by:      Council Resolution C327-2104, Clause 5


Meetings:                  Quarterly or as required by the Chair


Reports to:               City Council


Supported by:         City Clerk’s Office


Committee Structure/Responsibilities:


To consider initiatives that have a direct impact on Members of Council to increase awareness and compliance with Corporate policy and procedures, including:


  • the accountability and transparency provisions of the Municipal Act (e.g., Code of Conduct, Integrity Commissioner)
  • Council Governance, Structure and Composition
  • Council Procedure By-law and meeting procedures
  • Mayor's Office and Council Office administrative matters
  • Member expense policy matters


      Current Members (2018-2022 term):

      Regional Councillor Pat Fortini, Chair

      Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros, Vice-Chair

      Regional Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon

      Regional Councillor Paul Vicente

      City Councillor Charmaine Williams