Citizen Appointments Committee


Composition:   Minimum of three Members of Council, except the Mayor who shall be an ex-officio Member of such committee


Term of Office:   Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2026, or until successors are appointed


Established by:   Council Resolution (November 16, 2022)


Meetings:   At the call of the Chair or City Clerk, as required


Reports to:  City Council


Supported by:  City Clerk’s Office


Committee Structure/Responsibilities:


The Citizen Appointments Committee will conduct interviews of citizens for appointment to various citizen-based advisory committees, in accordance with the City’s citizen-based advisory committee guideline and appointment procedure, as approved by Council from time to time. ​


Current Members:

Councillor Vicente, Chair

Councillor Power, Vice-Chair

Councillor Keenan

Councillor Palleschi

Councillor Toor