Compliance Audit Committee

2022-2026 Election Compliance Audit Committee

Council-approved Staff Report establishing the Committee

Council-approved Terms of Reference and Proposed Procedures

2022-2026 Election Com​pliance Audit Committee Mandate:

By-law 89-2022 established a Compliance Audit Committee for the 2022-2026 term of council, in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act.  The mandate of the committee is:

  1. The Members shall consider applications for compliance audits of candidates' or registered third parties' campaign finances and determine whether or not audits are required.  The decision of the Committee, as well as brief written reasons for the decision shall be provided to the candidate or third party advertiser, the Clerk, the secretary of the school board (if applicable), the applicant and the public.  
  2. If the Committee determines an audit is required it shall appoint an Auditor licensed under the Public Accounting Act, 2004, to conduct the audit.
  3. If the Auditor concludes a candidate or registered third party appears to be in contravention of the MEA, the Committee may decide whether or not to initiate legal proceedings against the candidate or registered third party.  It is recommended that external legal counsel be provided to the Committee, similar to the model used for the Brampton Appeal Tribunal.  The legal counsel will be responsible for providing advice and support to the committee.

In relation to the Clerk's report on over-contributions:

  1. The Members shall consider the report and decide whether to commence a legal proceeding against a contributor for an apparent contravention.
  2. The decision of the Committee and brief written reasons for the decision shall be provided to the contributor and the Clerk. 

2022-2026 Committee Members (7): 

  • Shey Chhibber
  • Caroline Lynch
  • Hardik Mankad
  • Patience Mariga
  • Nancy Mukhija
  • Ricardo Paharsingh
  • Greg Prokopchuk
  • Parvez Chowdhury (alternate)
  • Amit Sanghavi (alternate)


2018-2022 Election Compliance Audit Committee

Related Staff Report and Committee Terms of Reference​




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