By-law 93-84 “To Prohibit and Regulate Noise” states that: “… a person shall not, within the City of Brampton, make, create, cause, or cause or permit to be made, noises likely to disturb the inhabitants”

Brampton City Council passed the By-law to curb persistent and recurring noise that lasts longer than ten days, usually from a machine or other mechanical equipment.

The By-law specifically prohibits noises such as:

  • A dog barking daily and excessively
  • Someone playing a loud stereo or musical equipment regularly
  • Someone operating construction equipment daily

Call Peel Regional Police to complain about noise from fighting, screaming, shouting, swearing, or someone using insulting or obscene language or other disorderly conduct. These activities may be criminal offences. Enforcement Officers may refer complaints about loud parties to the police.

When you report a noise violation to the Enforcement and By-Law Services Division, we must establish the particulars of the complaint before we proceed with legal action. In every case, you must be involved in the process.

If you wish to report a noise violation, please download the noise reporting package.

You must complete the noise reporting package, including the witness questionnaire and the record form for 10 to 14 days. You must also continue an additional record form until the noise has ended or until you have to appear in court. You must keep track of the dates, times, description, duration, intensity of the disturbing noise and describe how it interfered with your activities. If more than one person in the household is keeping track, each person must complete and sign a separate sheet.

Please contact other neighbours, or anyone else, who can support your complaint. Ask the neighbours to also complete a noise reporting package and let them know that they may have to go to court as witnesses.

When you have completed the complaint record, please return it to:

Enforcement and By-Law Services
8850 McLaughlin Road South, Unit #2
Brampton, ON L6Y 5T1
Fax: 905.458.3903

When we have received your complaint record, an Enforcement Officer will contact you to review the information and discuss various ways to resolve your concerns. The options include having the Officer contact the person responsible for causing a disturbance, either by phone, in person or in writing to discuss the problem and seek an amicable resolution. Typically, this approach is successful and resolves most complaints quickly.

If this approach is unsuccessful, we will consider laying charges. However, please be aware that all witnesses will have to go to court to testify. Please make sure that your notes are detailed and accurate.

If we have to proceed with enforcement, an Enforceme nt Officer will make reasonable efforts to visit your property to hear the noise complaint first-hand, so that we can corroborate your evidence. Please note that in court, we have to establish the identity of the person responsible for making the noise. Any information you may have to identify this individual is critical to successfully prosecuting him or her.

You will be notified of the dates and times when your matter will go before the courts. You must attend or the court will dismiss the case. When we receive your complaint, we keep your name, address and phone number confidential. However, when the matter proceeds to court, your name and the name of any witnesses becomes part of the public record.

The maximum fine for failing to comply with the noise By-law is $5,000.

Download By-Law 93-84

Contact By-law Enforcement

By-law Enforcement, Property Standards and Licensing Divisions

Flower City Community Campus
8850 McLaughlin Road South, Unit 2
Brampton, ON L6Y 5T1

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Contact By-Law Enforcement

Dial 3-1-1 (within City limits)
905.874.2000 (outside City limits)
905.874.2130 (Teletypewriter or Text Telephone)

Emails received after business hours will be responded to the next business day.