Council Code of Conduct

​Rule No. 5

Election Campaign Work


     1.  Members are required to follow the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Although the Integrity Commissioner of the City of Brampton does not have jurisdiction to receive or investigate complaints regarding alleged contraventions of the Municipal Elections Act, (MEA) the Integrity Commissioner shall forward any information regarding a potential breach of the MEA by a Member of Council, directly to City Clerk.

     2.    No member shall use the facilities, equipment, supplies, services or other resources of the

            City for any election campaign or campaign-related activities.

     3.    No member shall use the services of persons for campaign related activities during hours in

            which those persons receive any compensation from the City.


Members shall refer to and comply with the approvedMunicipal Election - Use of Corporate Resources Protocol, as established by the Office of the City Clerk.