Council Code of Conduct

​Rule No. 4

Use of City Property, Services and Other Resources


       1.   No Member shall use for personal purposes any City property, equipment, services, supplies

             or services of consequence (for example, agency, board, commission, or City-owned

             materials, websites, board and City transportation delivery services, and any Members

             expense budgets) other than for purposes connected with the discharge of City duties,

             which may include activities within the Member’s office of which City Council has been


       2.   No Member shall obtain financial gain from the use of City developed intellectual property,

             computer programs, technological innovations or other patentable items, while an elected

             official or thereafter. All such property remains the exclusive property of the City of


       3.   No Member shall use information gained in the execution of his or her duties that is not

             available to the general public for any purposes other than his or her official duties.

Members, by virtue of their position, have access to a wide variety of property, equipment, services and supplies to assist them in the conduct of their City duties as public officials.  This privilege should not be seen to be abused. In recognizing that members are held to a higher standard of behaviour and conduct, members should not use such property for any purpose other than for carrying out their official duties. Careful attention should be given to the provisions of the City’s Councillor expense policy which identifies approved allowable expenses.
During election campaigns, refer to Rule No. 5 and 7.