Council Code of Conduct

​Framework and Interpretation

  1. This Code of Conduct applies to the Mayor and all Members of Council. It is to be given broad, liberal interpretation in accordance with applicable legislation and the definitions set out herein.  Commentary and examples used in this Code of Conduct are meant to be illustrative and not exhaustive.  From time to time additional commentary and examples may be added to this document by the Integrity Commissioner, as she or he deems appropriate.
  2. As long as all the facts known to the member are disclosed to the Integrity Commissioner and there is no change to these facts, then the member may rely on any written advice provided by the Integrity Commissioner.
  3. Members of Council, Members of the public or City staff seeking clarification of any part of this Code should consult with the Integrity Commissioner.  
This Code of Conduct does not prohibit the activities in which Members of Council normally engage on behalf of constituents in accordance with applicable laws.
The Municipal Act is the primary source of regulation for municipalities and provides the basis for good governance within municipal government.  There are other important documents that regulate the behaviour and conduct of Members. Clear and consistent written rules provide elected officials with confirmation that their actions adhere to the highest ideals of integrity during their term of office. This Code of Conduct operates together with and as a supplement to the following existing statutes, documents and policies governing the conduct of Members.
·       The Municipal Act, 2001. S.O. Chapter 25 and amendments;
·       The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act;
·       The Municipal Elections Act, 1996; and
·         The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
·       The Criminal Code of Canada also governs the conduct of Members of Council.