Property Standards Committee

Responsibilities and Powers of the Committee:

The Property Standards Committee operates under the authority of the Building Code Act and the Statutory Powers and Procedure Act.  The Committee hears appeals from the Orders of the Property Standards Officers, and makes decisions to confirm, modify or rescind the order to demolish or repair, and to extend time for complying with the order if, in Committee’s opinion, the general intent and purpose of the by-law are maintained.


Traditionally, five citizens are appointed.  Legislation (the Building Code Act) requires a minimum of three.

Member Qualifications:

In addition to the general eligibility requirements of the Citizen Appointments Procedure, members are to:

  • ​bring and understanding of the diverse neighbourhoods and committees across the City
  • have a concern for the health and safety of City residents
  • have an understanding of the Building Code Act, Property Standards By-law, building and property standards practices, City by-laws and tribunal process
  • have a clear understanding of the role of the committee
  • not act as an agent for any appellant before the committee
  • have experience as a member of a decision-making body
  • be able to read and understand building plans, surveys and reports

Current Members:
Sonali Brown - Co-Chair
Janet Grant
Manish Kapoor
Jashanjot Singh


Term of Office:

Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 30, 2018, or until successors are appointed

Established by:

By-law 104-96, as amended


Last Thursday of every month, provided there are appeals to be heard.  Hearings are conducted in a quasi-judicial setting at City Hall.


$50.00 per meeting