MedTech Task Force

Composition:    The Task Force composition will include:
  • Chair and Vice-Chair, Planning and Development Committee

  • Chair and Vice Chair, Economic Development Section, Committee of Council
  • Other industry, academic and development sector representatives (or designates), as defined by Council including:

​​​​​        Medtronic Canada,

        Boston Scientific Canada,

        Taro Pharmaceuticals,

        The Stevens Company,

        NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT,

        Myant Inc.,



        Toronto Metropolitan University,

        Sheridan College,

        William Osler Health Systems,

        Trillium Health Partners,

        MedTech Canada



        DG Group, and


        Life Sciences Ontario (added September 2023)

        Algoma University (added September 2023)

        Orlando Corporation (added September 2023)

        First Gulf (added September 2023)

Term of Office: Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2026, or until successors are appointed.

Established by:   Council Resolutions, March 9, 2023 and September 13, 2023

Reports to:          Economic Development Section, Committee of Council

Meetings:            Quarterly, as required

Supported by:     City Clerk's Office and Office of the CAO (Economic Development Office)

Corporate staff representation to include:

  • Chief Administrative Officer (or delegate)
  • Director, Economic Development Office, Office of the CAO (or delegate)
  • Sector Manager, Health & Wellness Sector (or designate)
  • Commissioner, Planning, Building and Growth Management (or designate)

Committee Structure/Responsibilities:

The purpose of the Task Force is to assist City Council in advancing and implementing City priorities for medical innovation within the municipality, including Council’s priority for establishing post-secondary medical education and institutional uses benefitting Brampton residents and businesses.

This Task Force will also focus on initiatives to advance Brampton’s health sciences sector and in particular focus on attracting investment.

The mandate for this Task Force may be updated as City Council advances its health-care priorities for the municipality.

The Task Force will be chaired by Deputy Mayor Singh, with the representative from Toronto Metropolitan University serving as the Vice-chair.