Greater Toronto Airport Authority - Consultative Committee


The Consultative Committee (CC) will provide a consultative / communication forum for community stakeholders to meet with Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) Management and other aviation community representatives.  The committee will discuss issues relating to the ongoing operation of Toronto Pearson International Airport and the activities of the GTAA.

The CC will be an advisory body for the GTAA Chief Executive Officer. The committee will include a broad group of airport partners and allow for the GTAA to hear concerns expressed in a public forum and to take action as considered appropriate.


The CC mandate is set out in the Ground Lease (Article 9.04) as follows:

The GTAA shall within six months of the transfer date, establish a community consultative committee to provide for effective dialogue and dissemination of information on matters relating to the Airport, including:
(a) airport planning and plans
(b) operational aspects of the Airport
(c) municipal concerns
(d) noise and environmental issues with potential economic impacts

The CC shall meet not less than twice each year, and shall be comprised of members who are generally representative of the community, including persons representing the interests of consumers, the travelling public and organized labour, aviation industry representatives and appropriate provincial and municipal government representatives.

Communication and Dissemination / Education of Stakeholders

The CC will be a communication conduit to and from the community on airport matters and general airport policies which affect the community, and will act in a consultative capacity to GTAA management.

Members will decide on the most appropriate methods of disseminating information to constituents on an issue by issue basis.  The GTAA CC will decide what needs to be communicated as well as how to communicate effectively.


The GTAA President and CEO or designate (1):
- Committee Chair

Community Members:
Local Municipalities (4):
- One elected or staff representatives from the Cities of Brampton, Mississauga, and two from Toronto to be nominated by the municipalities

Regional Municipalities (4):
- One representative each from Durham, Halton, Peel, and York to be nominated by the regions

Local Residents (3):
- One resident each from Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto, to be nominated by the municipalities

Business (3):
- One representative each from Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto, to be nominated by the respective Boards of Trade

Labour (1):
- One representative nominated by the Brampton/Mississauga or Toronto/York labour councils

Consumer (1): One representative be nominated by the GTAA on the advice of the CC

* The above appointments are requested by the GTAA and those appointed are part of quorum

Term of Office:

Each nominating body will set the term of membership with a suggested minimum of two years. 

Established By:

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority


Meetings will be held on a semi-annual or quarterly basis and are held at 4 p.m. at the GTAA Administration Building, located at 3111 Convair Drive, Toronto AMF, L5P 1B2, in boardrooms Pearson A & B.

* Meeting dates will be confirmed with the appointed members by the GTAA.




Current Member:

Oscar Rodriguez;

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