Committee of Revision

Composition:          Three or five Members of the Committee of Adjustment


Term of Office:        Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2026, or until successors are appointed


Established by:       By-laws 272-2008 and 315-2008 under the authority of Ontario Regulation 586/06 (Local Improvement Charges –    Priority  Lien Status) of the Municipal Act, 2001


Meetings:                 Scheduled as required


Supported by:          City Clerk’s Office


Honorarium:             $175.00 per meeting (By-law 172-2002)


Committee Structure/Responsibilities:


C​ommittee responsibilities are set out in O. Reg. 586/06, and generally include the following:


1.    Convene a hearing regarding:

·         Objections against the proposed local improvement roll.

·         The municipality’s proposed revisions to the proposed local improvement roll.


2.    Review the proposed local improvement roll and correct it as to any or all of the following matters:

·         The cost of the work.

·         The names of the owners of the lots.

·         The frontage or other measurements of the lots.

·         The amount of the reduction or increase to be made under section 16 or 17 of O. Reg. 586/06 in respect of any lot.

·         The lots that would be exempt from being specially charged, but for subsection 12 (7) of O. Reg. 586/06.

·         The lifetime of the work.

·         The charge per metre of frontage to be imposed on any lot.

·         If all or part of the owners’ share of the cost is to be specially charged on lots that do not abut on the work,

·         the non-abutting lots that are to be specially charged, and

·         the amount of the special charge to be imposed on them.


3.    Add a lot to be specially charged.


4.    Reduce, at any time after the certification of the local improvement roll, any special charge for the current year and the remaining years for which the special charge is imposed if it determines that the special charge is incorrect by reason of any gross or manifest error.


5.    The committee does not have the authority to change the proportion of the municipality’s and the owners’ share of the cost, except to the extent that the proportion may be affected by a decision made in accordance with O. Reg. 586/06.