Brampton Appeal Tribunal



Traditionally, five citizens are appointed.
By-law 48-2008 requires a minimum of three

Term of Office: 
Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2022, or until successors are appointed
Established By: 
By-law 48-2008, as amended
By-law 340-2012 and Resolution C308-2012 (licensing system for the keeping of more than two hens and rabbits on a property)
Current Membership (2018-2022 term):
Will Ramjass, Chair
Natalie Javed, Vice-Chair
Chris Banks
Beryl Ford
Sardara Singh Chera
Second Monday of every month, provided there are appeals to be heard.  Hearings are conducted in a quasi-judicial arrangement at City Hall.
Supported by: 
City Clerk’s Office
$75.00 per meeting


Committee Structure/Responsibilities:
The Brampton Appeal Tribunal operates under the authority of the Statutory Powers and Procedure Act.  The Tribunal hears appeals from the decisions of the License Issuer and the Pound keeper that carry right of appeal to the Tribunal, as set out in the Mobile Licensing By-law (67-2014, as amended) and the Dog By-law (250-2005, as amended).
Licensing By-Law Appeals:
After the hearing of an appeal from the decision of the License Issuer, the Tribunal may make any decision the License Issuer could have made, including any of the following, separately or in combination:
(1) grant a license, with or without conditions;
(2) refuse an application for a license;
(3) refuse to reinstate a license;
(4) revoke a license;
(5) suspend a license; or
(6) alter, cancel or impose a term or condition of a license.
Dog By-Law Appeals:
After the hearing of an appeal from the decision of the pound keeper, the Tribunal may make any decision the pound keeper could have made, or direct that the owner do anything under that By-law, as the Tribunal considers proper and for such purpose may substitute its opinion for that of the pound keeper.
Keeping of Hens and Rabbits:
Appeals from the decision of the License Issuer pertaining to pigeons and hens and rabbits. The types of decisions that carry a right of appeal to the Tribunal are set out in the Animal Control By-law.


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