Audit Committee


The Audit Committee enhances Council's oversight and stewardship responsibilities.  It provides a focal point for improved communication between Council, the Internal and Statutory Auditors, and Management.  It further strengthens the impartial, objective and independent review of management practices through the internal and statutory audit functions. 


Updated Internal Audit Charter (Council-approved September 2017)

Updated Audit Committee Terms of Reference (Council-approved September 2017)

In particular, the Audit Committee objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate a higher level of public accountability;
  • Provide additional assurance to the public that City services are administered in an effective, efficient and economical manner;
  • Further ensure compliance with legislation for public reporting;
  • Further ensure compliance with Corporate policies and procedures;
  • Further ensure the safeguarding of City assets;
  • Further ensure impartial, objective and independent review of processes for City operations.

The Audit Committee reports to City Council.


Audit Committee meets generally once every quarter, on Tuesdays starting at 9:30 a.m.


Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi, Chair

City Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon

Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros

Regional Councillor Gael Miles

Regional Councillor Elaine Moore


Sonya Pacheco, Legislative Co-ordinator
Telephone: 905-874-2178