Accessibility Advisory Committee


Purpose and Mandate:

Under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, to advise on the preparation of a yearly accessibility plan, including accessibility planning for Brampton Transit; and, to advise Council on the following:

(a) the accessibility to a building, structure or premises, or part of a building, structure or premises: 
 - that the City of Brampton purchases, constructs or significantly renovates
 - for which the City of Brampton enters into a new lease
 - that a person provides as municipal capital facilities under an agreement in accordance with the Municipal Act.
(b) accessibility issues relating specifically to Brampton Transit
(c) other Brampton priorities as established by the AAC
(d) any other functions which may be specified by provincial legislation and/or regulation.


Minimum of 10 and up to 13 members as follows:

1. at least seven members who are persons with disabilities as defined by the Ontarians with Disabilities Act
2. one Member of Council
3. up to five other members of the community with preference being given to parents and/or caregivers of disabled persons


Committee Membership (2018-2022 term): 

Harpreet Bhons
Steve Anthony Chronicles
Glenda Coupland
Vicki Faulkner
Nicolle Guillen
Daleara Hirjikaka
Sherri Hopkins
Deepa Mohandoss
Nuno Alberto Peixoto
Raymond Shaver
Franco Spadafora
Regional Councillor Pat Fortini
Term of Office:
Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2022, or until successors are appointed


Established by:

Recommendation AF120-2002, approved by Council Resolution C349-2002 (October 16, 2002)



Second Tuesday, quarterly of each month at 6:30 pm at City Hall


Reports to:

Committee of Council


Supported by:

City Clerk's Office



1. Voluntary

2. Reimbursement for any expenses incurred
3. Mileage is paid at the City of Brampton corporate rate when the members are required to travel on Committee business


Orientation e-Manual


Contact Information
Chandra Urquhart, Legislative Co-ordinator
Telephone: 905-874-2114

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