​​​​​ (Adopted by Brampton City Council at its January 27, 2016 meeting)


Democracy is an active process – one that requires ongoing engagement between citizens and their elected officials. Ethics and integrity are at the core of public confidence in government and in the political process.

There has been a general trend at the municipal level of government in Ontario, to develop rules around ethical conduct for elected officials so that they may carry out their duties with impartiality and equality of service to all, recognizing that as leaders of the community, they are held to a higher standard of behaviour and conduct.

It is the purpose of this Code of Conduct for Members of Council (the “Code”) to establish rules that guide Members of Council in performing their diverse roles in representing their constituents and recognize Members’ accountability for managing City resources allocated to them.


Whereas the City of Brampton first instituted a Code 2011 and after the election of 2014, the Council has reviewed the same and approved extensive revisions;

And Whereas elected officials of the City of Brampton have and recognize their obligation to not only obey the law, but to go beyond the minimum standards of behaviour and act in a manner that is of the highest ethical ideals so that their conduct will bear the closest public scrutiny;

And whereas the private interest of elected officials of the City of Brampton must not provide the potential for, or the appearance of, an opportunity for benefit, wrongdoing, or unethical conduct;

The Council of the City of Brampton will adopt certain rules that further underscore a Councillor’s belief in his/her responsibility as a public trustee;

A written Code of Conduct protects the public interest and helps to ensure that the Members of Council share a common basis for acceptable conduct. These standards are designed to provide a reference guide and a supplement to the legislative parameters within which the members must operate.

The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from the members that it elects to local government. In turn, adherence to these standards will protect and enhance the City of Brampton’s reputation and integrity.


Framework and Interpretation


Key Principles​


  1. General
  2. Gifts and Benefits
  3. Confidential Information
  4. Use of City Property, Services and Other Resources
  5. Election Campaign Work
  6. Business Relations
  7. Improper Use of Influence
  8. Conduct at Council
  9. Transparency and Openness inDecision-Making and Member’s Duties
  10. Media Communications
  11. Representing The City
  12. Conduct Respecting Current and ProspectiveEmployment
  13. Encouragement of Respect For The City and Its By-Laws
  14. Harassment
  15. Discreditable Conduct
  16. Conduct Respecting Staff
  17. Employment of Council Relatives/FamilyMembers
  18. Failure To Adhere To Council Policies andProcedures
  19. Reprisals and Obstruction
  20. Implementation​​​​​