Online Portable Sign Permit Submission Complete

Thank you for your Submission!

Please allow one business day for your application to be reviewed.   Upon approval you will receive confirmation by email that your application has been approved.  The email will contain a permit number which is unique to each application, you will require the permit number in order to make payment for the permit. 

Email notification will also be provided when applications cannot be approved.

Once you recieve the confirmation email which includes your permit number, please dial 311 (within Brampton City limits) or 905-874-2000 (outside Brampton City limits) to make payment for your permit.

Once payment has been confirmed, your permit will be issued to you by email within one business day of the receipt of your payment.

The permit card that you receive by email must be printed and displayed in the store front window.  The bottom portion of the permit card contains a tag, this replaces the sticker that was previously provided to you.  This tag must be attached to the sign.  It is recommended that the tag be plasticized or placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect it from weather. 

The tag must be legible and visible from the street.  If the tag is damaged another tag may be printed to replace it.