​​​​​​​Did you know that Building Permits expire? If you do not book any building inspections within six months of your building permit being issued, your building permit will expire. One month before the expiry date, the City of Brampton will send you a notice instructing you on how to proceed.

The options are as follows:

If construction has started, you need to begin booking inspections. You received a building permit card when your permit was issued. ​The second page of the building permit card indicates the mandatory inspections required for your permit (sample​).

Book an inspection online

If construction has not started, you may request a permit extension. Email the completed application to permit.expediter@brampton.ca. If approved, an extension fee of $251.89​​ will be applicable and the permit will be valid for a maximum of six months after the original date of expiry.

Download the Permit Extension Application

If your permit expires and you have not had any building inspections completed, the City may revoke your permit. The permit will no longer be valid. To proceed with construction on the project in the future, you will need to apply for an entirely new permit application.

If you no longer require your building permit, you can request to cancel (revo​ke) your building permit. The same application form​ is used for this process. In some cases, depending on how far construction has progressed, we may deny your request for revocation. Submit the application form to permit.expediter@brampton.ca. There is no fee to revoke a permit.​​​​​​​​​​​

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