​​​The spacious 4,500 sq. ft. storefront is​ conveniently located below City Hall’s West Tower, and is designed to fuel your creativity and productivity!

The facility, operated by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC), will initially offer co-working space as a pilot to allow clients to get a feel of the new experience at no cost. The pilot is also an opportunity for the BEC team to measure project feasibility and efficiency. Entrepreneurs interested in working from our space must complete an application and be approved to use the space.

New applications are being accepted at this time and will be approved monthly - typically the first week of the month.

Accepted applications will be granted access to the space for hot-desking only. We provide a desk, power and internet access only during the pilot.

Please note that all other BEC programs and services will be offered from 41 George Street for the duration of the pilot program.

Apply Now!

**Please refer to the FAQ section before submitting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are eligible to participate in the pilot co-working space?

We are still accepting applications for the pilot program. If you are interested, please complete the application above.

Businesses not eligible to participate in the pilot co-working space.

  • Multi-level marketing ventures
  • Rely on primary commission sales
  • Are part of an existing franchise operation
  • Holding companies
  • Pay Day Loan and related businesses
  • Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investment
  • Mortgage & Insurance Brokers
  • Immigration Consulting or related services
  • Employment Agency or related services
  • *Students are not allowed to use the space unless working on a business idea.

What is the duration of the co-working space pilot?

The free pilot will start on April 29, 2019 and will continue until further notice. Once the free pilot has ended there will be a fee to use the space (fee is tbd).

Where do I apply to participate as a co-working client?

To apply, simply click on the link above to apply. Please note that your application is subject to your acceptance. You are unable to use the space until approval has been granted (last week of every month).

What are the costs of using the co-working space?

For the entire pilot period, usage of the space will be free to all approved applicants. After the pilot period, co-working spaces will be on offer for a fee (tbd).

As we work through the pilot period we hope to be able to add additional services as part of the co-working space. These additional services may or may not come with a cost. Our goal is to provide an affordable option for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it is too early to say what the exact cost will be per month.

What features and services will be part of the co-working space?

  • Large training area for Brampton Entrepreneur Centre seminars/workshops  **not bookable to outside organizations/businesses
  • Variety of seating options including desks, bar stools, couches, including a lounge area
  • 2 private meeting rooms
  • Private phone booths **30min limit (single and four person)
  • Access to Brampton Entrepreneur Centre advisors - virtual meetings only
  • **Printing is not available at this time

What about transit and food & beverage options?

The co-working space is in the heart of downtown, connected to resources at City Hall, nearby great restaurants and transit. Free coffee will not be provided in the space and we encourage clients to support businesses in the downtown. We have a Keurig Coffee Maker and Nespresso machine on site, please bring your own coffee. Mugs are provided.

Food can only be enjoyed in the kitchen at this time.

Check out the Downtown Brampton BIA business directory - www.downtownbramptonbia.ca/directory

What are the hours of operation?

The City of Brampton continues to reopen with a focus on health and safety, with staff gradually and safely returning to office and City work locations. At this time, the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre + Co-working Space will re-open for in-person services Tuesday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm. We are open for virtual support on Monday and Friday only.

**hours may be extended at a later date based on demand

Do you have enough outlets available?

We have plenty of electrical outlets available at every workstation and throughout the space.

I need a fast reliable Internet connection. What do you offer?

At this time, internet is available through the City of Brampton's Public Wireless network and a private Rogers network. Clients can connect with their laptop or other mobile device, after they agree to the service’s terms of use. Access to the internet will be filtered to protect the security of the service. There will be no time or data limits, however usage may be monitored.

More info: - Wireless Brampton

Can I use the co-working space’s address for my business mail?

At this time, we are not allowing clients to use the address for business mail.

Where are you located and where can I park?

 3D Tour of 41 George Street South