The Summer Company program can help you launch and operate a business this summer. The program provides:

  • Business training and mentorship to help you get your business up and running.
  • Opportunity for a grant up to $3,000 to help you launch your summer business.

For information on the program guidelines, visit

Démarrer une entreprise d’été : étudiants; L’information est disponible en français ICI

The 2023 Summer Company Program is now CLOSED.  Thank you to all who applied to be a part of this year's program.    

Applications for the 2024 program will become available next year.  Check back here for details on when the program will be launched next summer.


How can you get started? Here are six easy steps . . .

  1. Attend a FREE information session*:

    Attending an information session webinar is a recommended first step in learning about the program, the eligibility criteria, program requirements and how to apply to the program, and have your questions answered.

  2. Check your eligibility
    Ready to apply to the program? The first step is to check your eligibility. To be considered for the Summer Company Program, you must answer a few questions to see if you are eligible to apply to the program.  Check eligibility here​

  3. Make an Application Inquiry
    If you meet the eligibility requirements, your next step is to complete your ‘Application Inquiry’, select ‘Brampton’ as the ‘City/Town’ and select the ‘Brampton Entrepreneur Centre’ if you plan to start your business in Brampton or Caledon. We will contact you and send you information, program schedule and document templates to complete your application package, which includes a business plan, start-up budget and cash flow forecast.

  4. Submit your Application
    The next step is to submit your program application, in which you will need to include your business plan, start-up budget and cash flow forecast.  

    The 2023 Program is now closed, and we are not accepting applications.   Check back next year for details on our 2024 program.

    Important information for all applicants and parent(s)/guardian(s)

    At the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, our primary goal with the Summer Company Program is to empower and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of young individuals aged 15-29. We strive to provide a supportive environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and business acumen among our student participants. To ensure a fair and meaningful experience, we have established the following rules and guidelines:

    1.     Independent Application and Communication: We strongly encourage all applicants to take an active role in the program by directly communicating with us. Students should submit their applications and correspond with program administrators independently, without involvement from parents or guardians. This allows applicants to develop essential communication skills, gain firsthand experience in handling business-related matters, and take ownership of their entrepreneurial journey.

    2.     Self-Advocacy and Personal Responsibility: Students are encouraged to become self-advocates by participating in our program. We believe that taking personal responsibility for their actions and decisions is crucial for growth and development. This approach allows participants to learn from their experiences, seek feedback, and explore additional personal and professional growth opportunities.

    3.     Embracing the Outcome: It is essential for applicants to understand that the outcome of their application will be communicated directly to them. While we value the support of parents and guardians, we kindly request that they refrain from getting involved in the application process or seeking information on behalf of the student. By directly receiving and understanding the outcome, participants will be better equipped to reflect on their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions moving forward.

    4.     Fair Evaluation and Selection Process: Our program is committed to fair evaluation and selection procedures. All applications will be reviewed based on predetermined criteria, and decisions will be made with impartiality and integrity. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all eligible participants, irrespective of external influences.

    5.      Confidentiality and Data Protection: The privacy and confidentiality of all applicants will be respected throughout the program. Personal information and any other data shared during the application process will be handled in accordance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

    By adhering to these rules and guidelines, we aim to foster a supportive and empowering environment for young entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and succeed. We believe that encouraging students to engage in the process actively, seek direct communication, and take ownership of their journey will maximize their potential and prepare them for future endeavours.

    Please note that these rules and guidelines are subject to change, and all participants must stay updated with any modifications communicated by the program administrators.