​Small Business Accelerator: A Starter Company Plus Program

  • ​Business Training Program, mentoring and up to $5000 for those 18+ wanting to start, buy or expand a business
  • Learn more about Starter Company Plus.
  • Check back in 2024 for details on our next cohort.

Other Grants and Funding Resources

Summer Company

  • ​Business Training, mentoring and up to $3000 for full time students aged 15-29 in school or returning to school​​
  • Learn more about Summer Company.

UPDATE: Program is now closed. Check back in 2024 for details on next years program.

Check eligibility and apply here​

Other Funding Resources

Below are some financial-related resources for your business! There are loans and grants available for business owners.

Financing Options

  • Grants, Contributions and Financial Assistance
  • Summer Company: Business training, mentoring and up to $3,000 for full-time students aged 15-29 in school or returning to school
  • Starter Company Plus: Business training program, mentoring and up to $5,000 for those 18+ wanting to start, buy or expand a business​
  • Futurpreneur: Apply for up to $60,000 to launch or buy a new business or grow one that’s been fully operating for less than 12 months. This is for people between the ages of 18-39
  • Black Entrepreneur Startup Program: For Black entrepreneurs age 18-39 provides startup loan financing and up to two years of mentorship, plus access to resources and networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs across Canada.
  • Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund: The Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund is a partnership between the Government of Canada, Black-led business organizations, and several financial institutions. It will provide loans up to $250,000 to Black business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.
  • Access Community Capital: Access offer loans to people with poor or no credit, no collateral, or anyone unable to get a loan from a major bank. They use a character-based lending model, which means they consider your character, skills and motivation when you apply.
  • Rise Assets: Provides microfinancing and mentorship to entrepreneurs living with mental health and addiction challenges interested in pursuing self-employment. Business loans, leases, and other investments are offered depending on the stage of development, needs and capacity of each business.
  • Banks: All banking institutions offer financing options for businesses. Connect with the bank you deal with for your personal banking

The best tool to search for government programs and financing is through the interactive business benefits finder at innovation.canada.ca.

The Benefits Finder is a tool that can help you find Benefits and Services that you may be eligible to receive. It asks a few questions and uses your answers to search. It does not collect or track your information. The more questions you answer, the more customized and accurate your results will be.

Alternatively, we suggest registering for a free program on How Do You Finance A Small Business? It is essential to understand all potential sources of funding, along with the pros and cons of each. Then carefully consider which one will work best for you and your business. This session will help you form a plan to get the money needed to start your business.

Key takeaways include:

  • Financing Options
  • Pros and Cons
  • Financing Decision Tree

You can enroll for free here.