​The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre relies on experts to enhance many of the services it delivers. We are grateful to the many experts that assist us each year.

Experienced business professionals share their expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs by donating their time as seminar presenters, consultants, student mentors, conference mentors, guest speakers and grant committee members.

If you're an experienced entrepreneur and have an area of expertise or business skill that you would like to share with Brampton clients, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • we are seeking experienced individuals with a proven track record of success of 5 or more years.
  • preference is given to past clients or people previously acquainted with BEC programs and services.
  • if interested in speaking opportunities, content must include valuable information entrepreneurs can use to build their businesses and should not be sales pitches for products or services.

Seminar Speaker Request for Proposal

Brampton Entrepreneur Centre seminar/webinar presenters are made up of industry professionals from in and around the Brampton area, who are passionate about the small business community and entrepreneurial success.

If you think your expertise is relevant to our audience, please complete the request form.

​Micro Grant Committee

To establish guidelines for the selection, and administration, of a committee to review and approve Micro-Grant applications for the Starter and Summer Company programs administered by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre (BEC) on behalf of the Province of Ontario. These committees will ensure the review and approval of each awarded Micro-Grant is fair, transparent, and accountable. Applications received at the committee level will be screened by staff to ensure the applicants meet the eligibility of the program and have met the standards of the business plan requirements.

The Grant Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing grant applications
  • Determining whether or not applications will be funded
  • Ensuring that grant decisions are made based on the feasibility of the business and the quality of the entrepreneur:
    • ​Well-developed idea
    • Strong entrepreneurial qualities in the applicant
    • Strong market opportunity
    • Credible business model
    • Good follow-on potential
  • Ensuring that all conflict of interest guidelines are observed and implemented within the Grant Committee(s)

The Grant Committee(s) will have a non-voting Chair, supplied by the Grant Administrator at the BEC.​

Starter Company Plus Micro Grant Committee

Not accepting applications at this time​.​​

Summer Company Micro Grant Committee

Not accepting applications at this time​.