​​In the event of an emergency which causes a business interruption to occur (extreme weather, fire, hazardous spills, loss of communications or employees, even computer failure to name a few), you would want your business to resume operations as quickly as possible. Some of the information below is intended for mid-size organizations, but the phases and principles can be applied to small businesses and even home-based businesses. There is no single approach to developing an emergency plan and every organization’s structure and operations are unique. It is important to note that no plan will be able to provide all the answers nor will it ensure that every conceivable situation is addressed. But any amount of planning is better than none at all.

Business Continuity Awareness Week takes place each year in March.

For more information, contact Brampton Emergency Measures office at 905.874.2911, bemo@brampton.ca and visit the Brampton Emergency Mangement website.