Advance Brampton Fund

Accepting Applications for micro projects stream

The Advance Brampton Fund (previously the Community Grant Program) supports community-based activities that will have a positive impact within Brampton – whether it’s at the neighbourhood level or at the city-wide level, we're funding projects at varying scales that advance Brampton's Council Priorities and align with our journey to 2040. 

The Fund is designed to support Brampton-based organizations starting up, developing, and amplifying their projects, moving grantees towards project sustainability and a strengthened ability to partner, collaborate, and lead well-managed and meaningful work within the non-profit sector and Brampton community. ​

The Fund has been redeveloped for 2020 to recognize the different scales of projects that are looking for support, fulfilling Council's priority to develop Brampton as a Well-Run City. Through recognizing the value of Brampton’s non-profit sector in funding these projects, we're extending the reach of city services and strengthen the non-profit sector as a whole.

The new Advance Brampton Fund supports projects that align with Brampton's Council’s Priorities for 2018-2022

The new program model delivers project grants based on what stage your project is at – whether you’re just starting out, have had success in the past, or need to sustainably grow, this program supports projects across the sector. 

Additionally, we offered learning opportunities in grant writing and non-profit organizational management with The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University. Continued learning is a core component of this funding program. 

What we're looking for

The Advance Brampton Fund grants to projects that align with one of the following Council Priorities. We've outlined the areas of focus for each Proirity identified and the types of projects that will align with their goals. Review each stream guidelines document for further details on what your organization is eligible to apply for.

Brampton is a Mosaic

Celebrating Brampton’s diversity by more effectively engaging and communicating with diverse groups, supporting arts, culture and creative expression, and developing a holistic framework to embed diversity across the city.

Areas of work that align with Mosaic include but are not limited to: 
  • Arts and culture projects and programs that align with and support the City’s Culture Master Plan including Developing a Community of Practice and providing opportunities for Presentation and Promotion of artistic work. 
  • Celebrations, events, and conversations around heritage and diversity, including gender expression and identity.


Brampton is a Healthy and Safe City

Encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, focusing on community safety, improving social wellness and connectedness. 
Areas of work that align with Healthy and Safe include but are not limited to: 
  • Physical activities such as sports and recreation. 
  • Wellness, including healthy eating and food education 
  • Social connectedness
  • Emotional wellness 
  • Community safety
You may apply with a project that does not participate in these specific activities. 


Brampton is a Green City

Environmental stewardship (naturalization, tree planting, invasive species removal, litter reduction), and environmental education and outreach.

Green City has three (3) areas of focus: 
  1. Adopt-a-Park projects
  2. Planting area opportunities with direction from the City, including what kinds of plants may be used and where the plant material may be sourced 
  3. Environmental education, outreach, and fairs
You may apply with a project that does not participate in these specific activities. 


Brampton is a City of Opportunities

Improving livability and prosperity by focusing on local education and employment opportunities, neighbourhood services and programs, and job investment strategies.
Areas of work that align with livability and prosperity include but are not limited to: 
  • Skills training and skills sharing
  • Organizational capacity building for non-profit organizations
  • Support for strategic planning and board training
You may apply with a project that does not participate in these specific activities.
Please note that the direct delivery of social services is outside of the scope of this program. Please consider reviewing opportunities for funding through the Region of Peel.​

Before you Apply

​The Advance Brampton Fund requires organizations to go through an eligibility screening prior to applying for their desired funding stream. Visit the grant portal to check your eligibility on the Get Started page



This program is open to Brampton-based non-profit organizations. It does not grant to individuals or for-profit businesses. Unincorporated non-profits without legal incorporation papers from the provincial or federal government need to show a binding agreement between members that outlines and verifies that the intent of the group is non-profit only.

All applicants and potential grantees are responsible for their applications to the program. City of Brampton staff are unable to complete applications on behalf of any organization. 

If you have an accessibility request please feel free to call: 905.874.3395 or email and we will be happy to accommodate.

Please note that the Advance Brampton Fund is a City-led initiative to support the non-profit sector. All inquiries, applicants and grantees are assumed to work towards a safe, professional environment which abides by the City of Brampton's Respectful Workplaces Policy. 

Further details on eligibility will become available in the Advance Brampton Fund Handbook and in each Stream's guidelines document.