Planning Context

Metrolinx Benefits Management Lifecycle
In 2017, Metrolinx introduced a formal framework for evaluating the benefits, impacts, and costs of major transit projects and programs – building on the principles of business case development and decision-making at stage-gates throughout the lifecycle of a project.  Referred to as “benefits management”, the framework is intended to ensure that decisions made by Metrolinx on any major transit project or program are aligned with the stated benefits and strategic objectives – throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Two guidance documents on Metrolinx’s business case requirements and benefits management are relevant to Queen Street-Highway 7 BRT:
  • Guidance 1: Metrolinx’s Business Case Overview provides a concise summary of the overall business case approach used by Metrolinx to help stakeholders, decision-makers, and the public interpret business cases prepared by Metrolinx and/or its stakeholders.
  • Guidance 2: Business Case Guidance provides detailed information on how to lead the development of a Business Case and lays out the methods and parameters to support the analysis.