Current State and Moving Forward

Metrolinx has completed the Queen Street-Highway 7 Initial Business Case (IBC).

The IBC confirms the need for a BRT system along the Brampton Queen Street – York Region Highway 7 corridor. Priority bus networks will support this future BRT system to help maximize ridership along the corridor. The provision of dedicated transit infrastructure across the entire corridor will help increase transit reliability and reduce transit travel times.

The IBC considered six BRT planning scenarios along with Business as Usual (BAU) scenario, and carried forward three scenarios that supported the optimized BRT service for business case evaluation. All three scenarios performed better than BAU scenarios, two scenarios that offer greater benefits are below:
  • Scenario 4: Conversion of a traffic lane per direction to median BRT exclusive lanes along the length of the Queen Street – Highway 7 Corridor, except in Downtown Brampton where one traffic lane per direction is converted to a curbside BRT lane, between McMurchy Avenue and Kennedy Road;
  • Scenario 5 : Median BRT lanes (one per direction) along the length of the Queen Street – Highway 7 Corridor as a result of road widening. The current number of traffic lanes will be retained, everywhere except Downtown Brampton (Queen Street between McMurchy Avenue and Kennedy Road) where lane conversion will be considered

Next steps include developing the scope of work for the Preliminary Design Business Case. The IBC options presented  will be further refined to establish a preliminary design, project benefits as well as a more detailed cost estimate.

Extensive stakeholder and public consultation will take place as part of the process.

These images are renderings only and are subject to change.
Copyright: City of Brampton;
Credit: CICADA Design