​​Get the most out of your trip with our bus rider tips.

When Boarding the Bus

  • Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before its scheduled arrival time.
  • As the bus approaches, be sure to stand where the Bus Operator can see you.
  • Make sure you have your fare ready. You can use cash, PRESTO or a valid transfer. If you're using cash, please use exact change.
  • If you require a transfer, ask for it after paying your fare.
  • Walk as far back as you can and take a seat or find a place to stand and hold a rail.
  • Enjoy your ride!

When Exiting the Bus

  • As the bus pulls out from the stop before yours, pull the bell cord above the windows or push one of the stop buttons located on the poles. These sound a bell, which tells the Bus Operator you want to get off the bus.
  • Some doors will open automatically, and others will open either by pushing or with a sensor. Read any signage on the door to make a proper exit.
  • As you step off the bus, make sure all of your belongings have cleared the doors before they close.

When Transferring Between Buses

  • If you’re paying with cash, ask the Bus Operator for a transfer once you’ve paid.
  • Note the expiry time. A transfer is valid for 2 hours from the time of issue.
  • When you board another bus within the allotted time, present the transfer to the Bus Operator as you board the bus.
  • With PRESTO, your transfer is automatically stored on the card. When you tap on to the next bus, your transfer is recognized, and you can continue to travel.

About Fares & Transfers

Brampton Transit riders are required to pay the fare posted or as communicated by the Bus Operator or present their PRESTO card or transfer. In the event of a fare dispute, we request that riders pay the correct fare (and keep the transfer if applicable) and contact Customer Service at 905.874.2999 for clarification or adjustment.


  • Transfers are issued only at the time a fare is paid.
  • Transfers are valid for unlimited travel until the expiry time indicated.
  • Expiry time is 2 hours from the time of issue.
  • Expired transfers will not be accepted.
  • Transfers are only valid for use by the customer to whom the transfer was issued.
  • A complete transfer must be displayed to the Oerator at the time of boarding.
  • Damaged transfers are not acceptable.
  • Transfers will not be reissued.
  • Fraudulent use of transfers is punishable by law.


FREE Wi-Fi is available at four of our terminals:

  • Bramalea Terminal
  • Brampton Gateway Terminal
  • Downtown Terminal
  • Trinity Common Terminal

You can connect to the Brampton Public Wireless network with your laptop or mobile device by agreeing to the terms of use.