How to Ride

Brampton Transit strives to provide you with safe and reliable service. Take the time to learn how to ride the bus and enjoy your trip!

Boarding the Bus

  • Arrive at your bus stop approximately five minutes before the scheduled arrival time.
  • While waiting for the bus stand back on the sidewalk or in a shelter – away from the curb. 
  • As the bus approaches make sure to stand where the Bus Operator can identify you – while still remaining a safe distance back from the curb. 
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop and opens its doors, step forward to board. Make sure you have your fare ready. 
  • Present your fare to the Bus Operator. You can use cash, PRESTO or a valid transfer. If you're using cash, make sure you have exact change!  
  • If you require a transfer ask for it after paying your fare.
  • Walk as far back as you can and take a seat or find a place to stand and hold a rail. 
  • Enjoy your ride!

Exiting the Bus

  • Be aware of where you are and when your stop is coming up.
  • As the bus pulls out from the previous stop before yours, pull the bell cord above the windows or push one of the stop buttons located on the poles. These sound a bell, which tells the Bus Operator you want to get off the bus. (Don’t forget to pull the bell cord well enough in advance to give the Bus Operator plenty of time to stop.)
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop you may proceed to the back doors to exit.
  • Some doors will open automatically and others will open either by pushing or with a sensor.  Read any messages on the door to make a proper exit.
  • As you step off the bus, make sure all of your belongings have cleared the doors before they close.

Transferring Between Buses  

  • You can transfer to multiple buses on a single fare.
  • When you board the bus – and only after you pay your fare – ask the Bus Operator for a transfer (if you’ve paid with cash). With PRESTO, your transfer is automatically stored on the card. It recognizes your continuous travel and allows you a two hour transfer period from your first tap-on.
  • Don’t lose your transfer. Your transfer ensures that you can board another bus without having to pay another fare.
  • Note the expiry time. A transfer allows boarding privileges for a period of two hours from the time of issue.
  • When you board another bus within the allotted time, present the transfer to the Bus Operator as you board the bus.
  • If the transfer is still valid and you need to board another bus, keep it to use again. If not, dispose of it in the garbage bag provided at the front of the bus. With PRESTO, your transfer is automatically stored on the card. When you tap on to the next bus, your transfer is recognized, and you can continue to travel.

Fares & Transfers

Brampton Transit riders are required to pay the fare posted or as communicated by the Bus Operator, or present their PRESTO card or transfer. The Bus Operator is responsible for enforcing the Fare Collection Policy and is not to be blamed for riders having to pay another fare or leave the bus in the event of a fare dispute. In the event of a dispute, we request that riders pay the correct fare (and keep the transfer if applicable) and contact Customer Service at 905.874.2999 for clarification or adjustment.

  • Transfer is issued only at the time fare is paid.
  • Transfer is valid for unlimited travel until the expiry time indicated on the transfer.
  • Expiry time is two (2) hours from the time of issue.
  • Expired transfers will not be accepted.
  • Transfers are only valid for use by the customer to whom the transfer was issued.
  • Complete transfer must be displayed to the operator at time of boarding.
  • Damaged transfers are not acceptable.
  • Transfers will not be reissued. 
  • Fraudulent use of transfers is punishable by law.

FREE Wi-Fi at our Terminals

FREE Wi-Fi is now available at four of our terminals:

  • Bramalea Terminal
  • Brampton Gateway Terminal
  • Downtown Terminal
  • Trinity Common Terminal

You can connect to the Brampton Public Wireless network with your laptop or mobile devices by agreeing to the terms of use.

Click here for more information.