iRide School Routes

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Below is a list of "school special" routes under the iRide program that offer increased service during the school year.

For a full list of schedules, click here.
COVID-19 Update
Routes 200-217 are cancelled until further notice. 
Secondary school related extra trips on Routes 4/4A, 7/7A, 9, 21, 32, 57 continue to operate.
For assistance with inquiries or trip planning, call the Contact Centre at 905.874.2999. 

School Routes

Turner Fenton S.S.Route 200AMMorning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.201AMMorning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.202AMMorning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.203Morning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.204Morning Dismissal
St. Thomas AquinasRoute 205AMMorning Dismissal
St. AugustineRoute 206AMMorning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.207AMMorning Dismissal
Mayfield S.S.208AMMorning Dismissal
St. AugustineRoute 209AMMorning Dismissal
Chinguacousy S.S.Route 211AMMorning Dismissal
St. RochRoute 212AMMorning Dismissal
St. Edmund CampionRoute 213AMMorning Dismissal
Cardinal AmbrozicRoute 214AMMorning Dismissal
St. Thomas AquinasRoute 2015AMMorning Dismissal
David Suzuki S.S.Route 216AMMorning Dismissal
St. Thomas AquinasRoute 217Morning Dismissal
St. Thomas AquinasRoute 9EastWest
Heart Lake S.S.Route 21AMMorning Dismissal
Louise Arbour S.S., St. Marguerite d'YouvilleRoute 32Clockwise
Jean Augustine S.S.Route 55NorthSouth
St. AugustineRoute 57NorthSouth