​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2017, Council directed City staff to undertake a study for two alternative routes on Kennedy Road and McLaughlin Road between the Brampton Gateway Terminal and the Brampton GO Station. In December 2018 and May 2019, Council further directed staff to revise the scope of the LRT Extension EA to update the Hurontario-Main LRT environmental assessment study to include three options – the HMLRT TPAP approved route, a Main-George one-way loop and a tunnel to extend light rail transit from Brampton Gateway Terminal to Brampton GO Station in Downtown Brampton. Rapid transit on Kennedy and McLaughlin Road will be examined further as part of the next update to the Brampton Transportation Master Plan.​

After further evaluation, and completion of the Metrolinx Preliminary Design Business Case (PDBC), two preferred LRT alignment options were determined to be feasible for the Main Street corridor. In June 2021, Council directed staff to prepare the draft 30% preliminary Design and Environmental Project Report (EPR) for both preferred options.​

Where we are now...

  • The Pre-Planning Stage for the transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) is completed
  • The draft 30% preliminary designs and Environmental Project Reports (EPRs) for the preferred alignments (one surface and one tunnel alignment) is completed
  • The draft 30% preliminary de​sign and EPRs were circulated and commented on by internal city stakeholders and external stakeholders including TRCA, Metrolinx, u​tility companies, indigenous groups etc.​
  • The city is advocating with the Provincial and Federal govemment to secure funding commitments
  • The official TPAP for one preferred option is expected to begin in early 2024​