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Community Guidelines

​Brampton Transit (a division of the City of Brampton) welcomes you to interact with us and our social media community. We encourage you to share experiences and provide your feedback. To ensure discussions remain respectful and constructive, we’ve established the following guidelines, and by interacting with us and our social media community, you agree to comply with the guidelines below.
Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in your account being blocked from following Brampton Transit on social media.

Be respectful at all times

Any messages or comments that contain sexist, racist, vulgar, abusive, violent, or otherwise unlawful or offensive language will not be tolerated. The offending post(s) may be hidden, deleted and/or reported at our discretion.

No personal attacks

We recognize that feedback and other discussions are an essential part of providing feedback in an open online community. However, personal attacks that are offensive, defamatory, and/or threatening will not be tolerated and may be hidden, deleted and/or reported at our discretion.

Zero spam policy

Messages or comments that appear to be spam, or promote a business or organization for commercial gain, may also be hidden, deleted and/or reported at our discretion.

Personal information

For your own protection, please do not post any personal contact information (including email addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers) in a public manner. Please send this information to us via private message or email If you post your personal information to our social media accounts in a public way, we may remove the post.
Any personal information you provide to Brampton Transit is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, c.25. The information will be used to log your inquiry, provide the assistance you request and/or to address the concern you identify. It will also be used to develop your customer profile to assist us to serve you better in the future. For general information on the City’s collection and use of personal information, please refer to the City’s Register of Personal Information Banks, Online Privacy Statement and Administrative Directive on Privacy. Should you have specific questions about Brampton Transit’s collection and use of personal information, please call 311 (905-874-2000 from outside Brampton) and ask to speak with the General Manager of Transit.

Third Party Sites

Your interaction with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are subject to the privacy policies of these third party service providers. These social media websites collect, store, and manage your personal information any time you use their respective platforms. More information about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube privacy policies may be found at these websites. Please note that Brampton Transit has no control over how these third party service providers use your personal information. 
While we monitor our social media channels, it is not possible to monitor all posts, messages, comments or other content immediately. We monitor our social media channels Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and will do our best to respond to messages or comments that fit within our community guidelines.
Please also note that any comments or posts that users make on our social media pages do not necessarily reflect the beliefs, views and opinions of Brampton Transit or the City of Brampton.

Social Media Community Guidelines FAQs