Stormwater Management Planning

Stormwater Management Planning in Brampton

​The City of Brampton's stormwater charge is used exclusively to meet the need for maintenance of and upgrades to the stormwater drainage system​.​​​​​​​​​​​

Stormwater and Flood Modelling

Stormwater and Flood Modelling

The City uses computer models to evaluate the capacity of the City’s stormwater drainage system. The models include looking at important factors like climate and weather patterns. These models tell us about the existing system and help decide priorities for system upgrades. Check out the City of Brampton Riverwalk model and project webpage.​

Asset Management Planning

Asset Management Planning

The stormwater drainage system is the third-largest asset in Brampton. The value of stormwater assets is $1.34 billion in 2021. This is the estimated cost of replacing the entire stormwater drainage system. ​
Stormwater Funding Study (Complete)

Stormwater Funding Study (Complete)

In June 2019, City Council approved a new stormwater charge to provide dedicated and sustainable funding for the City’s stormwater drainage system. The recommendation to implement this charge came out of a two-year study on sustainable funding options for this vital service. To view the reports, see below:​

1. Recommendation Report
2. Presentation to Council
3. Stormwater Infrastructure Financing Study ​​


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