Programs, Services & Projects

Programs, Services & Projects

The City works to ensure the stormwater system is functioning properly. This means operations and maintenance activities are undertaken, and upgrades, expansions and enhancements to the existing system are also periodically done.​

Catchbasin Cleaning Program

As stormwater flows over the land, it picks up dirt, sand, brake dust, metals and other contaminants from the surface that then get carried along in the flow. When the water enters the catchbasin, some of these contaminants sink to the bottom and remains in the catchbasin. This helps with keeping our rivers and streams clean and healthy. Over time, the amount of material in the bottom of the catchbasin builds up and needs to be removed. The City inspects and cleans catchbasins each year to remove this accumulated sludge. Inspection involves removing the grates from the surface of the road, measuring the depth of accumulated material, and where required, removing the material using vacuum trucks.

Storm Sewer Inspection

The City’s 1450 km of storm sewers are of varying age and condition, with some as old as the 60 years. Storm sewers are expected to last 100 years when installed properly, but ground settlement, soil conditions, damage by plant roots, blockages from debris and other condition can result in damage or not performing as designed. The City is implementing a multi-year program to complete remote camera inspections of each storm sewer that will identify any problems and also allow for a fulsome assessment of the pipe condition and how many more years it can be expected to last.

Watercourse Maintenance

The City of Brampton has more than 400 km of rivers, streams and man-made channels within its borders. This involves debris and trash removal, erosion repairs and stabilization works, and improvements to improve conveyance throughout the system.

Stormwater Pond Maintenance

Stormwater ponds are designed to accept and store runoff from a large area during a storm event, and release it slowly over time to prevent flooding and erosion. While the stormwater is being stored, it allows contaminants picked up from the land to settle to the bottom of the pond, resulting in cleaner water going to our rivers and streams.

The City's role in the pond maintenance includes:

  • ​Removal of sediments (as needed)
  • Removal of debris in and around the pond 
  • Removal of invasive vegetation
  • Maintenance of structures such as gates and valves
  • Maintenance of surrounding vegetation and plants
  • Vegetation replacement if required
  • Bank stabilization to prevent erosion
  • Pond monitoring

​Residents should follow the following guidelines:

  • ​​Do not swim, wade, skate or boat within the storm water pond
  • Exercise safety around stormwater ponds as conditions in the ponds can change rapidly which can include fluctuating water levels and thin ice



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