Community Flag Raisings

Community Flag Raisings in 2020

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Flag Raising Event
October 30, 2020National Poppy Campaign Flag
To launch the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Campaign
September 25, 2020Franco-Ontarian Flag
Franco-Ontarian Day
September 19, 2020Terry Fox Foundation Flag
To raise awareness of the Brampton Terry Fox Runs
CANCELLED - June 20, 2020Flag of the Republic of Portugal
Portuguese Heritage Month
CANCELLED - June 7, 2020Flag of Italy
Italian Heritage Month
CANCELLED - June 1, 2020Canadian Association of Retired Persons Flag
Seniors' Month
CANCELLED - May 19, 2020National Public Works Week Flag
To recognize public works professionals
CANCELLED - May 1, 2020Flag of the Republic of India
Gujarat Day
CANCELLED - April 25, 2020Parental Alienation Awareness Flag
To raise awareness of parental alientation
CANCELLED - April 18, 2020Vietnamese Heritage & Freedom Flag
Journey to Freedom Day
CANCELLED  - April 5, 2020Sikh Heritage Flag
Sikh Heritage Month
CANCELLED  - April 2, 2020Autism Ontario Flag
World Autism Day
CANCELLED  - March 26, 2020Flag of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
Independence Day
CANCELLED  - March 23, 2020Flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Pakistan Republic Day
CANCELLED  - March 21, 2020Flag of Down Syndrome Awareness Day
World Down Syndrome Day
CANCELLED - March 17, 2020Flag of the Republic of Ireland
Irish Heritage Month
CANCELLED - March 14, 2020The Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club Flag Raising has been CANCELLED.
150th Anniversary Season Launch
March 3, 2020Flag of the Republic of Bulgaria
Liberation Day
February 20, 2020Kin Canada Association Flag
Kin Canada Clubs 100th Anniversary
February 14, 2020Coldest Night of the Year Flag
To raise awareness of Regeneration Community Outreach initiatives
February 1, 2020Pan African Flag
Black History Month
January 26, 2020Flag of the Republic of India
India Republic Day
January 24, 2020Tamil Heritage Flag
Tamil Heritage Month

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