Community Flag Raisings

Community Flag Raisings in 2022

Learn more about flag raisings and how to request a community flag raising. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Flag Raising Event
December 1, 2022Christian Heritage Month Flag
Christian Heritage Month
November 18, 2022Hindu Heritage Month Flag
Hindu Heritage Month
October 28, 2022Poppy Flag
Annual Poppy Campaign
October 14, 2022Fiji's National Flag
Fiji's Independence Day
October 1, 2022Nigeria's National Flag
Nigeria's Independence Day
October 1, 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Flag
 Hispanic Heritage Month
September 30, 2022CARP Flag
International Seniors Day
September 23, 2022Franco Ontario Flag
Franco Ontario Day
September 26, 2022Every Child Matters Flag
Every Child Matters
September 21, 2022World Peace Flag
World Peace Day
August 31, 2022National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
August 24, 2022National Flag of Ukraine
Ukraine's Independence Day
August 22, 2022Canadian Cancer Society Flag
Paint Brampton Pink Week
August 16, 2022National Flag of Dominican Republic
Restoration Day
August 15, 2022Indian Flag
India's Independence Day
August 14,2022National Flag of Pakistan
Pakistan's Independence Day
August 12, 2022Emancipation Month Flag
Emancipation Month
August 6, 2022National Flag of Jamaica
Jamaica's 60th Independence Day
July 29, 2022National Ride for a Cause Day Flag
National Ride for a Cause Day
July 22,2022Brampton Fashion Week Flag
Brampton Fashion Week
June 21, 2022Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation 
National Indigenous Peoples Day
June 12, 2022National Flag of the Phillipines
Filpino Heritage Month
June 11, 2022National Flag of Italy
Italian Heritage Month
June 6, 2022State Flag for Waari
 Welcome for His Majesty, Ogiame, Atuwatse III. The Olu of Waari
June 4, 2022Flag of Portugal
Portuguese Heritage Month
June 2, 2022Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee Flag
Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee
June 1, 2022Pride Flag
May 16, 2022National Public Works Week
National Public Works Week
May 18, 2022Toastmaster International Flag
Toastmaster International
April 30, 2022South Vietnam Heritage & Freedom Flag 
Journey to Freedom Day
April 29, 2022Indian Flag
Gujarat Day
April 25, 2022Parental Alienation Awareness 
Parental Alienation Awareness  Day
April 21,2022Sikh Heritage Month
Sikh Heritage Month
March 26, 2022Flag of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Independence Day
March 23, 2022Flag of Pakistan
Pakistan Day/Republic Day
March 17, 2022Flag of Ireland
Irish Heritage Month
February 1, 2022Pan Africa Flag
Black History Month