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City establishes two new by-laws to promote a clean, safe and attractive Brampton

BRAMPTON, ON – Brampton City Council recently approved two new by-laws with a focus on maintaining the quality of the city – the Unauthorized Parking By-law and the Public Nuisance By-law.

Unauthorized Parking By-law
On May 30, 2018, Council approved the Unauthorized Parking By-law to restrict illegally parked vehicles on grass boulevards and front and side yards. Under the new By-law, officers can issue a Parking Penalty Notice of $75 for vehicles that are illegally parked on unsurfaced areas. Penalty notices may now be issued immediately by Enforcement Officers, who are on patrol 24 hours per day.

Under the former By-law, Property Standard Orders were issued when vehicles were parked on landscaped front or side yards and Penalty Notices were issued when vehicles were parked on landscaped boulevards. Those found in violation by parking on a grass boulevard were ticketed $35, and those parked on a private front or side yard were provided with a minimum of 21 days to comply by moving their vehicles. In addition, charges laid could take up to one year to resolve.

The new By-law will allow Enforcement staff to spend less time on parking complaints related to front and side yards, reallocating labour resources to other significant by-law issues, while simultaneously improving the appearance of local neighbourhoods.

Public Nuisance By-law
In response to an increase in nuisance parties where loud and obnoxious behaviour is taking place by people renting residential properties for weekend stays, weddings or other special events, Council approved the Public Nuisance By-law on June 27, 2018.

The By-law will address issues of offensive and/or vulgar behaviour and actions by residents and their guests, the use of profanity, and any other potentially disruptive behaviour. It will also address a variety of other public nuisances including panhandling, graffiti and public property damage, and will prohibit the emission of objectionable odours or smoke, dust, or airborne particle matter, except where permitted by the City.

The Public Nuisance By-law will assist and provide additional tools to City Enforcement staff and the police in dealing with issues surrounding nuisance parties and other public nuisances.

By-laws help maintain the quality of the city, and every Bramptonian has a role to play in upholding these standards. Residents and visitors are asked to do their part to contribute to Brampton’s well-being by following City by-laws to help ensure everyone can enjoy a clean, safe city.

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