Gage Park

Gage Park serves as a multi-functional park that provides recreational opportunites all year long. It is located in downtown Brampton, at the southwest corner of Main Street South and Wellington Street West. 

W​hat's going on in Gage Park?

 We're enhancing play across the city, and will soon begin upgrading the wading pool and playground at Gage Park.

Enhancements include:
  • more accessible play structures
  • additional seating
  • new play features with heritage theme to pay homage to Gage Park's history

Construction will be completed by Fall 2021.

In addition, the gazebo at Gage Park is also undergoing restoration this summer.

As a healthy and safe city, Brampton is committed to continuously enhancing play for residents by providing safe and accessible amenities.


Alternative Places to Play

Playgrounds nearby can be found at:

  • Memorial Arena (Elliot Street)
  • Centennial Park (Mary Street)
  • Meadowland Park (Meadowland Drive) 
  • Treleaven Park (Harold Street)

 The closest splash pads are located at:

  • Peel Village Park (Ferndale Crescent)
  • Chris Gibson (125 McLaughlin Road)

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