​​​​​Brampton's dense forests make you feel like you’re hours away from the city, yet you’re right in the middle of it! You can look for native bird species or enjoy a picnic in the outdoors at one of our parks and conservation areas.
Brampton is home to over 267 kilometres of recreational trails and more than 3,300 hectares of parks and open spaces, all within the borders of our beautiful city. Throughout our parks you will find something for everyone! Brampton offers playgrounds, picnic areas, natural areas, tennis courts, athletic fields, skate board parks, recreational trails for cycling, rollerblading, running or walking, a ski park and open space.
There are many opportunities for individuals of all ages to get out in the open air and discover nature and take part in an active lifestyle. Whether you are interested in an outdoor adventure, a quiet retreat or a place to let your dog have the freedom to play off-leash, Brampton parks offer something for everyone to enjoy during all seasons. Come and discover Brampton Parks!

Brampton's parks are pesticide-free using healthy turf maintenance strategies. The City also uses bio-diesel blended fuels in turn maintenance equipment to reduce emissions.

Using fully qualified and trained staff, the Parks Department maintains all play structures to CSA standards by:

  • inspecting all play structures on a bi-monthly basis
  • maintaining inspection reports
  • performing repairs as needed
  • preparing replacement lists
  • responding to service requests as needed

The City of Brampton currently maintains an inventory of over 250 playgrounds that provide a great place for children to exercise as well as play happily and safely.​

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