Park Overview

​Historically known as the “Flower Town of Canada”, Brampton is committed to maintaining its natural heritage features and green spaces. Parks Maintenance and Forestry is proud to manage:​

  • 4,110 Hectares of parkland,
  • 1,337 Flower/Shrub beds,
  • 835 Parks, Open Spaces and Valley Lands,
  • 328 Sports Fields,
  • 279 kilometres of Recreational Trails,
  • 261 Shade Shelters,
  • 13 Spray Pads,
  • 6 Community Gardens, and
  • 4 Leash-free areas

Code of Conduct

Park users have a shared responsibility to help keep open spaces clean and safe for everyone. The Park Lands By-law​, based on common courtesy, cleanliness, and consideration for others, details all of rules and regulations for Brampton parks.

Key things to remember:

  • Leave no trace – littering, vandalism, or otherwise alerting the park is prohibited
  • Control your pets – even in leash-free areas, animals are not permitted to run at large
  • Obey park signage – follow the rules that are posted in parks and recreational trails

Pet owners and cyclists should also review information on Stoop and Scoop requirements, and the Recreational Code of Conduct, respectively. ​

Park Construction

Guided by the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and subject to budget approvals, park construction is carried out by the following groups:

  • CitPark and Community Park construction is coordinated by Park Planning & Development​
  • Neighbourhood Parks are built by subdivision developers under the supervision of Park Planning & Development
  • Stormwater Management Ponds are constructed by subdivision developers with approvals from Environmental Engineering
  • Major redevelopments and Recreational Trails are coordinated by Park Planning & Development.
  • Minor redevelopments/enhancements are coordinated jointly by Park Planning & Development and Parks Maintenance
Click here​ for the Park Construction Map.

Types of Parks​

The City of Brampton develops and maintains a wide variety of parks to meet the diverse needs of the people who enjoy them. Each park type below is designed to provide a slightly different experience for the user.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Need more information? Visit our FAQ page!​ 

Parks and Open Space FAQs

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