Recreational Trails Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of every person who uses public parks and recreational trails to maintain a safe and friendly atmosphere for all. The recreational trails are a safe place for people of all abilities to enjoy. ​

Be Courteous

Brampton's recreational trails can be used by anyone of any ability. Pedestrians always have right of way. Travel on the right side of the recreational trail and watch for oncoming traffic.

Ride Safe

Bicycles should be maintained correctly and riders should follow all safety regulations. Always share the recreational trail with pedestrians.

Obey The Signs

All recreational trails are clearly marked with signage. Stay on the designated recreational trails and follow all traffic rules when crossing at intersections.

Control Your Pets

Pets are to be on a leash at all times within public parks and recreational t​rails. Always Stoop & Scoop.

Leave No Trace

Help keep our recreational trails clean! Throw away all trash and animal waste in designated bins. Leave our trails better than how you found them.