Pedestrian Timing Policy

The City of Brampton exceeds the national recommended walking speed of 1.2 metres per second in an effort to make Brampton more accessible.​​ 

The following procedure describes the method used for calculating pedestrian timing for City-owned intersections:

  1. The longest crosswalk for each direction is measured from curb to curb.

  2. The length of the longest crosswalk is divided by a standard walking speed of 1.0 metres per second to determine the time required to cross the intersection.

    A walking speed of 0.9 metres per second is used for the following:

    • Crossing Guard Locations
    • Senior Facilities adjacent to the intersection

  3. The vehicle clearance interval (Amber and All Red) is subtracted from the calculated time.

  4. A standard 8 seconds walk time (WALK symbol) is added to the total crossing time.


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