Municipal Parking Garages

Daily parking in downtown Brampton is provided for the public visiting downtown, nearby businesses, and their employees at the municipal lots and garages below. Overnight parking is not permitted. ​Garage heights are also noted.

  • Market Square Parking Garage (Theatre Lane & Union Street)
    • Garage Height: 2.0 metres
  • John Street Parking G​ar​age (16 John Street)
    • Garage Height: 2.1 metres
  • City Hall Parking Garage (2 Wellington Street West)
    • Garage Height: 1.9 metres
  • West Tower Parking Garage (41 George Street) 
    • Garage Height: 2.1 metres
  • Nelson Square Parking Garage (9 Diplock Lane)
    • Gargae Height: 1.95 metres
  • George Street North Surface Parking Lot (20 George Street North)

Bicycle parking is available at every garage except at Nelson Square Garage and West Tower Garage.

Parking will remain complimentary at this time. To learn more, check out our 
Parking Garage FAQs.​

Note: Residential parking permits are not available for municipal parking garages.



Hours of Operations

Monday to Friday
9:00am to 7:00pm

Evenings, weekends and holidays are free


  • Hourly Rates​
    • The first hour is free
    • $1.00 per ½ hour
    • $9.00 daily maximum

  • Permits
    • $308.00 per year
    • $44.00 per month

​Contact 311​ for parking transponder inquiries. A one-time transponder fee of $20 will be charged to permit holders who park in the automated garages.​​